Here is a great article from a doctor on the frontines:

Turns out that people who have COVID19 often don't have any symptoms of it,
but their oxygenation goes way down without increasing CO2, this means they
don't feel the effects!

I just bought a pulse oximeter from ebay for about $12 US or something
including free shipping.

The virus is going to stay around, and this way you can learn if you have
the virus without needing to get tested, also some tests have been
acknowledged as being contaminated with SARSCOV2!

So this is a really tiny investment, but consider if everyone knew they
were infected early on, how much less this would spread!

And even going somewhere for tests tends to spread the virus!
This could be another game changer!

Pandemic gaechangers!
222nm light everywhere  -  Kill the virus in the air and on surfaces safely
Everyone wears a mask  -  reduces chances of spreading and catching virus
Everyone buys a pulse oximeter  -  Best way to know who has the virus!
Consume Vitamins A, C, D3 and Zinc, Quercetin (Zinc Ionophore found in
capers) drink tonic water, eat grapefruit (chunky marmalade?) and lemon
skins (for Quinine).

And maybe find the frequency of the virus and transmit it:

Jonathan Berry

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