I have often wondered about neutrino physics.  Neutrinos carry a quanta of 
angular momentum and some energy whether in motion or apparently still with 
respect to an observer—a neutrino detector for example..  However the physics 
of the interaction is not defined very well.   Empirical models do exist to 
allow prediction of  Interactions with matter.

The  characteristic of neutrinos not to not display any EM quality is somewhat 
mysterious.  (They are thought to be primary particles that stand alone in 
nature., present a small rest mass and thus be attracted in a gravitational 

At times I consider neutrinos to be like a dimension of space or merely a 
circulating space  volume quanta with a fixed circulating (time quanta).  And 
at a Planck  length  scale.

My comments suggest the need for some work on a physical model that that is 
validated by experimental observations!

Bob Cook

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As you note a protective curtain makes directed energy beams impractical—birds 
would suffer  as would moat any electronic equipment and/or  energy absorbing 
medium that got into the beam.

On second thought maybe a neutrino beam has been invented with special with new 
materials or fields to harvest neutrino kinetic energy.  However such a device 
to collect neutrino energy would be useful as a solar neutrino collector like 

Bob Cook

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In reply to  Michael Foster's message of Wed, 5 Aug 2020 18:13:13 +0000 (UTC):
>I read this article. Don't you find it more than a little annoying that Mr. 
>Tesla is nowhere mentioned?

There's a good reason for that. The two technologies have nothing in common. 
Tesla used the Earth as a capacitor so that
everyone was "in" the capacitor, and attached to one of the plates. This 
company is using conventional wireless, but in
a tight beam.
>This is important. No doubt everyone other than auto mechanics and people who 
>like the hear the vroom-vroom would like to switch to electric cars. The 
>problem is there doesn't seem to be enough copper wire to carry all the 
>current required to charge all the batteries in all the electric cars.  Last 
>time I did some rough figuring, it seemed as if the maximum number of electric 
>cars would be about 10% of all vehicles before the power grid was over taxed.  
>Look at what happens when there are brown-outs on hot days. Those air 
>conditioners don't draw anywhere near the current required to charge a 100% 
>electric car fleet.

I doubt mobile applications of this technology would be possible, if there were 
that many targets that had to be
followed with a tight beam. Besides, the beam is dangerous. Worse than sitting 
in a microwave oven. That's why they talk
about remote areas, and a laser curtain to detect intrusion into the beam.
It wouldn't be suitable for use within an urban environment. It could however 
be used to transport power from a remote
power plant to the top of a tall construction on the outskirts of a city, 
although it would be difficult to keep light
aircraft from crossing the beam I should imagine.

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