There are numerous societies out on the internet that support out of the
mainstream science theory. One such example has gone so far as to bravely
test their ideas are the electric universe society using rigorous
scientific methods designed by an independent professional third party

 Under the title THE SAFIRE PROJECT, Aurtas International Inc. was
contracted back in 2012 by The International Science Foundation to
empirically test the Electric Sun Model. Aurtas International Inc. is an
independent body which has no affiliation with The Electric Universe, The
Electric Sun or The Thunderbolts Project.

These recently concluded phased series of rigorous and scientifically
formulated experiments where shown to support the Electric Sun Model which
among other things demonstrate as of yet unrecognized plasma behavior, over
unity power production, and transmutation of elements.

Aurtas International Inc has taken their research seriously enough to have
recently initiated the development of a patented plasma power reactor using
the results gleaned from their experiments.

On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 12:30 PM Jürg Wyttenbach <> wrote:

> The problem with the Holmlid way of fusion
> 9H --> 2 4-He + Ko,K+ is, it wastes almost all fusion energy (53MeV) in
> kinetic particles. Muon production  rate is low. Further muon catalyzed
> fusion is very dirty and mostly produces kinetic neutrons like in hot
> fusion. If one could harvest the energy of Kaons,Pions then the picture
> would look different.
> Thus simply forget muon catalyzed fusion!!
> LENR as we do it is well understood from the method materials and also the
> production of 4-He can directly be shown from intermediate spectra. All
> there. The problem is that there are no real investors - only crooks like
> IH that simply want to steal your know how.
> Any investor that wants  a share > 50% is a no go, 30% would be the
> maximum acceptable. There are other model like splitting return shares/
> owning shares.
> J.W.
> On 22.08.2020 17:31, Jones Beene wrote:
> The Wiki entry for muon catalyzed fusion has been updated to include the
> new advancement of Norront Fusion of Norway, using the techniques of Dr
> Leif Holmlid of Sweden to produce muons easily and cheaply without the
> requirement of a beam line.
> Even though almost no one (that is, no one who needs to raise VC funding)
> wants to be identified with "cold fusion" these days - clearly what we have
> in the Norront system should be identified as a version of LENR.
> Thirty+ years ago, P&F specifically rejected the notion that muons were
> involved in their technique, and perhaps they were correct on that - but
> they did not know of the big advance of Holmlid which suggests that it is
> far easier to produce muons than anyone ever expected.
> Had the "Letts/Cravens effect" gotten more traction, it clearly bridges
> the gap between what Norront is doing and what P&F were doing. I wonder if
> anyone is still pursuing the Letts/Cravens technique? At one time, it was
> rumored that Industrial Heat (Dewey Weaver) was providing some funds for
> this work - but with no hint of success. Norront, on the other hand, is on
> the verge of producing a commercial unit which ironically looks like
> Rossi's shipping container fusion source.
> Too bad IH did not get any return for all the risks they took, but who
> knows - maybe they have invested in Norront as well.
> Jones
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