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>The problem with the Holmlid way of fusion
>9H --> 2 4-He + K^o ,K^+ is, it wastes almost all fusion energy (53MeV) 
>in kinetic particles. 

It need not be a waste, if you have an absorber that is large enough to convert 
most of the kinetic energy into heat.
The material of the absorber can be something cheap, like water.
That has the advantage that it immediately produces steam which can drive a 

>Muon production  rate is low. Further muon 
>catalyzed fusion is very dirty and mostly produces kinetic neutrons like 
>in hot fusion. If one could harvest the energy of Kaons,Pions then the 
>picture would look different.

If the muons are absorbed in normal water, then the most likely fusion reaction 
would be H+D -> He3. Although the muons
will also knock a few neutrons off Oxygen which will then be absorbed by either 
H or O16 resulting in either D or O17.
The D is useful, and the O17 is harmless.
The O15 left behind will decay to N15 which is also harmless.
In fact, even the faster neutrons from the D-D or D-T reactions would be 
relatively harmless if absorbed in water, for
the same reasons.

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