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>You can look up SO(4) in Wikipedia
>The group measure is 2^1/2. This is the length of the unit radius of the 
>Clifford torus (formed by the tangent space). To get the standard norm 
>(=1) you have to divide by 2^1/2!

Thank you, this now makes sense.
Since 2^1/2 = 1.414... then the 4D radius is larger than the 3D radius, however 
previously you wrote:-

"R_4D = 1/2 R_p *(2^1/2 )" , which would make the 4D radius less than the 3D 
radius?? (Assuming that R_p is the 3D
radius.) IOW where does the factor of "1/2" come from?
>Or more simple. The radius for the standard circle is 1, but the 
>Clifford torus has two radii, thus its length is (1+1)^1/2

(Pythagoras :- length of the hypotenuse. 4th dimension perpendicular to other 

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