Well, you could be getting inferior advice. It makes little sense to worry 
about IH or anyone else when a trip to Stockholm (for the big prize) is waiting 
for positive results showing  H*-H* absorption... No one is going to get rich 
on this anyway, other than patent attorneys and Wall Street. There is too much 
IP already issued to waste time with more.


    Jürg Wyttenbach wrote:  
We do currently not publish the spectra as there are to many patent trolls like 
IH just waiting for it...
But I have tons of files with interesting details. Anybody serious that is 
willing to support us either by labor or some significant financial support 
will get access to our knowledge.
Further I consult other experimenters on how to enhance their reactions. 


 Jones Beene wrote:
  Jürg Wyttenbach wrote:     
  > What we see in experiments is that H*-H* reacts like two neutrons. This in 
respect to the intermediate products we see.  
  Are any of these experiments published ? 
  Absorption of 2 neutrons when proved would be absolutely huge in importance, 
since AFAIK this does not happen in standard physics. For one thing, two normal 
neutrons never bond.
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