Jed, I do not object reporting, but these blood suckers like to have detailed reports...This would be OK for 10x more money...

Further:: A little bit more advanced experiments need high level equipment. Like a multi target PVD coater, a good galvanostat and access to a decent XRF just to name 3 gadgets, where a good PVD starts at 50k$ without any addons like expensive targets.

I think that providing gadgets would be the better approach than spending money. That way you can switch it between groups or groups could provide some services (like PVD,XRF) to other groups.

E.g. we just evaluate access to a good PVD. With the proper machine and the correct targets you can do one process step in one day. Then for months 50k stay idle doing nothing...


On 18.08.2023 16:50, Jed Rothwell wrote:
Jürg Wyttenbach <> wrote:

    Not a single experienced researcher will spend more than a few
    seconds to read such outraging nonsense as writing progress
    reports every 3 months for e.g. 25k $ funding is just a bad joke...

I have given several researchers funding, with no strings attached. I definitely want a progress report every 3 months. It is not reasonable to take someone's money and then not tell them what you are doing with it. A short but substantive report every three months is entirely reasonable.

    ==> Get maximal information for a minimum of money.

When I contribute money to an experiment with no strings attached (no intellectual property for me), then I stipulate the results be published in full, on a timely basis. The researcher would be free to file for a patent before publishing, but it must be published. No philanthropist wants to pay for research that remains secret. There is no point. So not only would I get "maximal information" but so would anyone else in the world. This is entirely reasonable.

Do you expect people to give money unconditionally? What would be the point of funding research with no progress reports that will remain secret? That is not science. You need to look at this from the point of view of the person giving the money.

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