Jürg Wyttenbach <ju...@datamart.ch> wrote:

> > Otherwise there is no point. If it cannot be replicated, it is not
> > science. If the researcher wants to cash in on the discovery, that is
> > fine. He or she needs to file for a patent before publishing the paper.
> May be you see the point. With 3 months reports you in average write 2
> weeks patents...

I do not understand what you mean here.

If a 3-month detailed report would interfere with writing a patent, the
researcher can submit an abbreviated report saying something like: "A
patent is now being written. When it is filed, in approximately two months,
a more detailed report will be sent." That should satisfy everyone. The
patent application should be written promptly.

If the researcher cannot do things this way, he should seek money from a
venture capitalist instead of a philanthropist.

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