The second review came back as:
I strongly suggest that you  read “Introduction to Superconductivity” by 
Tinkham; paying special attention to  the Josephson effect and Josephson 
junctions.  After doing so, you should  convert the functions in your equations 
those used by Tinkham. 
I also strongly advise you to  find a qualified co-author to help you connect 
your thesis into a more flowing  paper.  Until then, I will have to reject 
this paper in its current form.  <snip> 
I cannot meet these  requirements and I withdrew the paper.  I am not going 
to work on new  energy over the next year.  Perhaps I can better spend my 
limited free time  trying to learn how to play the piano or s learning a new 
language.  I have  submitted the paper to Infinite Energy where I expect the 
It will  wind up on a non-peer reviewed journal.  I will post the link here 
after  that happens. 
Frank Znidarsic 
Frank  Znidarsic

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