How important is "Faith in Government" ?

Is it more important that absolute truth ?

Apparently so. The release of the recent NIST coverup
- oops, make that the *Final Word* from the Neocons
(until the next administration reviews it) brings to
mind another curious episode - in the context of
high-level incompetence, or perhaps even coup d'etat.

May observers do not see true conspiracy - per se, in
9/11 so much as "should-have-known, stood by, and
covered-up the tracks of others". Some of the nuttier
conspiracy claims are too bizarre to mention, so much
so that it may indicate a devious plan by insiders to
cover up the smaller glimmer of truth which lingers in
the shadows by discrediting all doubters.

BTW the NeoCon mouthpiece yesterday: Shyam Sunder,
lead investigator - had the gall to say: "Our
take-home message today is that the reason for the
collapse of World Trade Center 7 is no longer a

In your dreams, Shyam. You probably lost more support
with that shoddy piece of BS workmanship than what you
gained with the (in)conclusion.

Let's hope there was not real 'payola' involved, since
it is already filtering out that some 'independent'
consultants used by NIST received rather large
payments through what might be considered
inappropriate channels.

Anyway - the only point I want to make here goes back
to the "Mother of All (modern USA) Conspiracies": the
JFK coup d' etat. 

This is NOT going to be a review of the fine new
offering of James Douglass (over a decade in the
making): "JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why
It Matters"

But rather it more of a remembrance and a bit of
synchronicity -- as I have been reading the unrelated
pure fiction mystery named "The Analyst" by John

If that last name sounds vaguely familiar- you may be
thinking of Nicholas Katzenbach, who as fate would
have it - is the father of John.

Flash back to Alabama in 1963. In what became known as
the "Stand in the Schoolhouse Door," George Wallace
was forced to stand aside after being confronted by
Katzenbach Sr. (accompanied by a fair number of
federal marshals). It was almost too theatrical to

[ASIDE} There is evidence that the entire encounter
was coordinated behind the scenes with the JFK admin
to allow Wallace to save some face with Alabama
voters. It ended up as kind of win-win in a weird sort
of way.

Anyway - Nicholas who is now 86 -- is probably the
only remaining chance that there will ever be an
accurate and more trustworthy accounting of that sad
chapter in history. Will he do the death-bed
confessional (ala E. Howard Hunt, which unfortunately
some do not see as trustworthy due to Hunt's lack of

BTW - Hunt, who died last year at 88, and should know
the truth of what he disclosed: actually named the
other assassin (besides Lee Harvey) - i.e. the one on
the grassy knoll - who was a French mafiosi and expert
marksman named Lucien Sarti.

Only 3 days after the assassination in Dallas,
Katzenbach, then deputy attorney general, had written
a memo to JFK's chief at the White House, Bill Moyers.
This memo comes the closest of any official document
to discussing the government coverup which followed.
No need to go over the detains again, but read
Douglass' new book.

If it is true that "murder outs" (it isn't always
true) then I suspect that history will be rewritten in
the JFK matter, and probably to a lesser extent in

But probably to show only that in 9/11 the highest
level of culpability was the we knew precisely what
Mossad was orchestrating, and yet we did not make any
adequate effort to stop it, because it seemed to serve
everyone's agenda well- at the time.


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