In figure 6 of the article 

it is stated that the waterflow is 6.47 l/ hour=  about 2 ml/sec. This is about 
the waterflow of a espressomachine.
When 4kW is added to such a waterflow the temperature would rise 
instantaneously to 100 degr C. The curve in figure 6 would have to rise 
If only 400 Watts is added the waterflow the temp would rise 50 degr C in 
temperature continously.

The curve in figure 6 rises in about 3 minutes 30 degr C ( steepest part). This 
would compare to a power of only a few watts.
Can anybody look at these calculations and figure out what is wrong?

Further it would be interesting to know if water can flow through the "chimney" 
of the reactor directly into the black tube. To figure out what is going on one 
have to add a substance (dye) to the water and see if the dye can be seen in 
the " condensed" water.
If non vaporised water is carried to the end of the black tube this will have 
consequences for the calculation of excess heat.

Peter van Noorden

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