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More tidbits:

- The older "reactivated" cells that are being tested right now show small excess heat (2-3 times the input energy), but for new ones it's expected about an output of 200 times the input energy.

- According to several third-parties, older cells have been able to work in self-sustaining mode for quite some amount of time.

- Experiments are being performed in a lab near Siena. Italian institutions are not involved, however a public USA agency will probably contribute to the development and certify/validate the reaction.

- There's minimal risk of info leaking from such agency. Anyway, everything is now protected by patents (pending). Last week, Piantelli's group filed a third patent for the latest technologies to be implemented in his devices.

- A gradual scale-up in power is necessary because nobody so far has attempted making a big cell. To avoid potential disasters (it's a nuclear reaction after all) it's necessary to be able to control it no matter what. As for when the scale-up will be ready... "when it's done". Smaller devices will be sold first.

- The proposed Supporter's trust [1] is to offer people a chance to participate to the technology development, but it won't guarantee anything. Piantelli's group doesn't *need* money; the aim is to put the technology on the hands of many enthusiasts and interested people as a form of protection.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supporters%27_trust


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