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> I am not sure that *everyone* can be convinced that the hypothetical CF
> device is real as you suggest.

It would not have to convince everyone in the first round. We only need to
set off a chain reaction where each generation triggers more reactions
instead of quenching. In other words --

We can hope that the Celani device, replicated by 5 or 10 labs, will
convince hundreds more researchers than we now have.

Many of them will replicate, triggering thousands more.

Once you get up to a million people who believe it, money starts pouring
in, and thousands get to work frantically developing the technology.

At that point it does not matter how many people still do not believe the
technology is real.

In 1912, four years after the first public demonstrations of airplanes, and
three years after the U.S. Congress gave a gold medal to the Wright
brothers, there were many small towns and small cities where people did not
believe airplanes are real. A pilot showed up at one of these towns to
barnstorm, with the airplane packed in crates in a railroad express car.
The sheriff told him he better get out of town or they would tar and
feather him for lying. Perhaps such a thing cannot happen today but I'm
sure that many years into the development of cold fusion large numbers of
people will still not believe the effect is real, including Robert Park if
he is still alive. Such people do not matter. They will play no role. We
don't have to worry about them. The only ones we have to worry about are
people with large amounts of money and political power who will be
determined to stop us. The only way we can defeat them is to mobilize
public opinion and young people to support us.

- Jed

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