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>  *Lucky Saint  ยท 37 weeks ago
>    No. Take 2 copper disks size of a penny. Put a dent in one. Mix
> ultrafine
> magnesium hydride soft iron powder and nickel powder in equalportions. Make
> sure ALL ball milling, preparation and procedures arestrictly inert
> atmosphere
> and dry box manipulations. Compress a portionof the mix to a small pill
> which
> fits easily into the disk indentation.Seal the chamber, welding with
> jeweler's
> tools. Place reactor in asmall beaker with water. Place on top of induction
> coil heating unit.Cause the water to boil from heat induced by alternating
> magneticfield. Once boiling, turn off the induction heater. Keep adding
> wateras
> the boiling will continue by itself for ? years. Mine is stillboiling after
> over 5 yeaes.*

These instructions are reasonably specific.  Has anyone tried replicating
this?  Is there any reason to believe "Lucky Saint" isn't just pulling our

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