Peter, why do you write about subjects that you know nothing about? You obviously have not read or understood what I propose. You have not asked questions or discussed this with me. You make statements that have no relationship to what I have proposed or even to general knowledge about the subject. Please, if you want to be a spokesman for the field, at least learn something about the subject you are discussing.

Indeed, I find your approach to be very common in this field. People reach conclusions about cold fusion without any knowledge of what is known about the subject or even what is accepted in conventional science. I can understand why conventional scientists think the people who believe CF is real are deluded. If I had not studied what is known and seen the effect myself, I would be one of them. Several people have remarked to me just how low the standards are in this field. We need to do better.

On Aug 19, 2013, at 7:49 AM, Peter Gluck wrote:

Dear Friends,

Please read, criticize, and improve the ideas published here:

Believe me, I am sincere and serious here, and it is not a case of


Dr. Peter Gluck
Cluj, Romania

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