I just recieved a P5 glove I ordered. It uses IR sensing on a funny
looking "tower" to detect yaw, pitch and roll of the glove, and it
senses bend in three fingers, and it has some buttons on it.  Connects
by USB.  There is some sort of Linux driver, but I haven't tried it yet.
There are some mailing lists and a small community (e.g.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/p5glove/). It costs about $25 (USD) on


Haven't tried it yet, but have used one in the past. It's not extremely
accurate or anything... but it's only $25.

It would probably work OK in CrystalSpace as a joystick with 6 axes
(1:pitch, 2:roll, 3:yaw, 4: thumb, 5: 1st finger, 6: second finger), and
3 buttons.   I'll have to look into ways to detect grasping of an object
(or just controlling finger-shaped colliders in ODE) eventually.

Anyone else have one of these?


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