Well, Hey guys hope I'm not spamming too much with crazy compiling problems.
I tried the following steps:
1. installed cygwin with as many components as it offered for development tested for flex,  bison, libtool, autoconf, automake, jam, sed and all are supported by cygwin
2. downloaded the win32 libs copied all folders into their respective folders within the cygwin directory
3. checked for zlib and it was installed with cygwin
4. downloaded source from sourceforge.net
5. untarred using the command line in the documentation $ tar xvzf vos-0.21.0.tar.gz
6. untarred win lib package for boost and wx in home directory
7. ran ./configure script using --with-boost=vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.21/include/
8. ran ./configure script using --with-boost=vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.21/include/boost
9. ran ./configure script using --with-boost=vos-win32-mingw-libs-0.21/
and got the following errors
10. error: VOS requires the boost (http://www.boost.org) thread library and headers for thread support
Hope that you guys can help me out with this.
Morbid Morvick

5 Minute Games Inc.
Indie Dev

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