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What I've been working on:

* Debugging VIP. There are some outstanding race conditions and issues with connection management that I need to sort out. Ironically, the actual transfer protocols themselves seem pretty solid, it's just the edge cases of setting up and tearing down the connection that is a bit buggy. This is pretty much the main issue holding up the 0.22 release, and it may be a bit before it's resolved (it's an extremely difficult problem to probe because it doesn't occur reliably and tends to go away when I increase the amount of logging...) I'll keep everyone posted.

* Working on a new demo world. I posted a few screenshots a week ago. I've resolved a display issue I was having (turned out to be a bug in Crystal Space, now fixed) and so for the most part it renders as expected. I need to add more rooms and generally try to make it interesting.

Once this stuff is done I'll build a 0.22 prerelease and Windows installer package for everyone to try out.

After that I'll work on doing the full 0.22 release and we'll start the discussion about what we want to do for 0.23. I've put up a preliminary page discussing future plans here:


Feel free to contribute suggestions about what should happen when, either on that page or on this list.

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