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So after a couple months of struggling with it, I've decided to put aside ODE physics for the time being. Properly controlling the avatar in a fully dynamic environment using forces and torques is actually really, really hard (like, PhD in Robotics hard).

Instead, I've implemented very basic collision detection/gravity using csCollideActor. It works, it's easy. It's nowhere near as realistic as ODE, but it satisfies the most basic requirements that people can't walk through walls :-) The ODE code is still there, so we can revisit it later. Perhaps in the future we may decide to control the avatar's movement with csCollideActor, and use ODE dynamics for free moving objects and/or ragdoll type simulation.

Other stuff I'm working on:

* debugging - I'm running VOS on a 64-bit / dual-CPU box now, and some race conditions (leading to deadlocks) in VOS and/or VIP have been popping up, that weren't so common on a single CPU. I need to fix these.

* new demo world(s) - I've started working on a new meeting space inspired by the "Black Sun" from Snow Crash. It's a multilevel, multiroom structure, and should be a lot more interesting for people to visit and explore :-) Fortunately/unfortunately it's also turning out to be useful for debugging some problems with Ter'Angreal (I'm getting some very weird errors with meshes appearing and disapearing for no obvious reason).


(unfortunately these are blender screenshots, not ter'angreal. and I haven't started texturing it yet, so it's a bit plain).

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