Yes, this is a good idea. Terangreal could use the same mechanism (it already
stores preferences in properties but does not save them).

> This would also mean that if the module added a listener to the vobjects 
> in the configuration tree, it could be reconfigured on the fly.  It would 
> also be possible to dump the configuration to a COD file and reload it.

Maybe we need a version of COD that is plain text? (Also useful for Terangreal's
config file)

> I should mention one neat ability of the current (old) system that would 
> have to be dropped is the ability to set configuration paramaters via 
> environment variables and the command line.  
> I don't think we can keep this feature if we decide to 
> allow options to show up more than once in the configuration, and for it 
> to be order-sensitive.

I think we can expand the feature for multiple command line arguments easily.  
This is a very useful feature of vosapp, since it takes care of one of the
most annoying aspects of making a command line app.

For environment variables, you just need to parse the value of the variable:

VOSAPP_COD_FILES="file1.cod file2.cod \"file 3.cod\" file\ 4.cod"

or do something like this:



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