Peter Amstutz wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Oct 2005, Lalo Martins wrote:
>>> may I suggest YAML ( or a subset thereof?
> It's a thought.  Despite support for a bunch of scripting languages,
> it's not clear if there is a C library available for it.  However I
> can't say I'm thrilled by the syntax, and the specification is
> supprisingly hefty. For our purposes, we actually want something that is
> a little bit specialized towards the structure of Vobjects, because VOS
> itself is the generic data structure that everything fits into.
> So I agree, this is a good opportunity to look into designing a text
> version of Compact Object Description (COD), so what would that be, Text
> Object Description (TOD)? :-)
> Off the top of my head, some possible meta-syntaxes we might want to
> look at for representing structed data:
> S-Expressions (lisp-style syntax)

Some lightweight thing easily parsed by spirit maybe...

# Object with three types but no children
foo (type1,type2, type3)

# OBject with type-specific information in it, also a child
bar (property:property)
        { "Property data"; text/plain }
# Object with no types but 3 children

... or whatever other thing you come up with ...

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