On Wed, Oct 26, 2005 at 10:02:00AM -0400, Peter Amstutz wrote:
> As I said, it's not ideal, but the advantages in potential 
> compatability/familiarity outweigh stylistic issues.

Perhaps. I think it might be possible to come up with  less-verbose, 
less-vos-idiomatic, more-obvious-to-casual-users XML with a little care.

> Oh?  What does this format look like?  And what kind of problems with SWIG 
> are you having?  What is the status of the Python bindings, anyway?

It takes any XML and makes hypervos objects out of it.  The error is that
when I add the %template directive for the password authentication object and
%include it, swig crashes.

> >...
> >What the hell does "href" mean?  ;)
> You know, like <a href="...">
> But I might change it.

Yeah I was kidding--- it seems familiar from HTML but it means nothing here and 
will end up being more confusing unless it's actually used in e xactly the 
same way as html...


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