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On Sun, 12 Mar 2006, Hugh Perkins wrote:


After playing around a little with C#, I have to agree with Neil: C# rocks.

At my work we have a large (300,000+ line) application written mostly in C# and C++ (managed and unmanaged projects). On the whole I would say C# is very good, particularly now that in .NET 2.0 they have introduced cross-langauge generics. At work all our new code is written in C# these days.

Just to throw some salt in the wounds of the Python discussions, I cant help
thinking that C# has all the advantages of both Python (run from source,
easy to read) and C++ (strong typing, runs quickly).

C# runs from source? What?? While the compiler is in fact part of the runtime (so there are APIs to load and compile source on the fly) it still is generally statically compiled.

Btw, OSMP is now available in a C# version ;-)


Neat.  What are you using for your 3D engine?

If I were to develop in C# in my own projects, I would used the free software implementation, Mono. However I have not looked at it yet, so I can't comment whether it is any good. The biggest concern I have with C# as a language for developing free software is cross-platform support -- Microsoft and Mono don't have the same APIs and the runtime system just isn't a standard component on non-Windows platforms.

Making VOS accessable in .NET (either binding the C++ library or actually reimplementing it) is something I have given some thought to. However, nobody has specifically asked for it yet, and we've already got a TODO list a mile long...

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