Hi Lalo,
Yes, you're right that dynamic typing is very cool.
I guess the thing that I find tricky in Python is that it is possible to accidentally add unintended properties to a class by misspelling the intended one, and sometimes it's tricky to catch this.  For example (my Python syntax might be a little rusty..):
class MyClass():
   def __constructor__(self, name):
      self.name = name
   def PrintName(self):
      print "My name is " + self.myname
myobject = new MyClass("Tom")
C:\> python test.py
My name is
... because we wrote self.myname instead of self.name.
Obviously in this somewhat trivial example it's easy to debug, but the point is that this introduces logical errors into the code, that are never caught by the interpeter itself, only by seeing that the results are not what we want.

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