Ok, things have been a bit quiet lately, so I want to let everyone know 
what's going on with VOS.

The first bit of news is that starting in July, I will be able to 
dedicate half of my time (20-30 hours a week) to VOS development.  I 
have made an arrangement with my current employer to work part time, so 
this works out well for everyone.

Second, I am continuing to do design work on s5, and have spent some 
coding time doing prototyping certain crucial features to better 
understand them.  I've made some progress in understanding how better to 
structure control flow in the presence of asynchronous requests (in s5, 
*all* requests will be asynchronous) by using continuations and futures.  
I'm also investigating some ideas for a new security design, which I 
hope to write about to the list shortly.

Third, s5 is going to use a Python-based build system called "Scons", 
which I described in my email about build systems a little while ago.  I 
hope that this will enable a degree of automation and cross-platform 
support that is impossible with autotools.  I've spent some time hacking 
on it and I'm comfortable with it, and it is under active development so 
it seems like a safe bet.

Fourth, my intention is that come July, I will hit the ground running 
with implementing s5 -- you will start seeing real progress and not just 
talk.  My hope is that in as little as a month or two, I can have enough 
of the s5 kernel written that other people interested in helping can 

Fifth, I've set up a task tracking system called XPlanner at 
http://interreality.org/xplanner (login: guest, password: guest).  You 
can view a detailed breakdown of our development roadmap, and see both 
how long we expect things to take and what progress (if any) has been 

I think that about covers it.  Comments?

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