Chris is referring here to a proposal for the X3D format/language (new 
version of VRML) to add the sensor nodes mentioned, by the way.


chris wrote:
> Hi, just a few comments on other status that may interest.
> I have been testing tcp/ip networking with an implementation of the network
> sensor nodes in Flux. I have been able to get the basic test examples to
> work with two linux servers. An example of the nodes is given below. For 
> the
> mass avatar event at siggraph I will be working on modifying the
> communications for UDP.
> This raises the possibility of testing vos server with these nodes if ur
> inteterested.
> A description of the test examples and MM server is at
> my experience with installing / running the server is at:
> tho u would be wanting to run your own vos server.
> I am also running a 2 hr multisuer virtual world BOF at siggraph 
> (August) so
> if you want me to demo vos let me know. I would want something that would
> not require old browser versions, old java etc if possible because I 
> need to
> be able to demo other stuff with current tech as well.

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