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reed wrote:

Peter Amstutz Wrote:
>    - The "d" key goes into drag and drop mode,
> which overrides the 
> movement keys and is not obvious how to escape
> from (you hit "escape").

Minor mode should be indicated in the status bar (so should major mode 

>  - Did not think splitting was a common enough
> operation to support 
> having those buttons on the button bar.

The panel header bars and what controls on it will have to be refined over 
time. There are several little tricks we could use to make them more elegant, 
but should probably wait to see what the most important operations will be.

Splitting could be frequently used, but only in some use situations. I.e. it 
depends on what kind of thing you're doing in VOS.

How about putting those buttons in a toggle control, but sync all the toggle 
controls. I.e. a little button in each pane title bar causes a set of splitter 
buttons to appear or disappear in all title bars.

Or hide that set of buttons except when you mouse over that area.

Or make it a menu option.

A key binding could also be used to show/hide those buttons (like hold down 

I think we could also make the panel headers have two states, big and small. In 
big state it could have all the stuff it currently has, but on two lines and be 
less crowded.  In small state.

Some additional panel controls I think might be useful:
 * Buttons to do a combination of split and set major mode
 * Minimize/Restore the pane to a very small unobtrusive button
 * Minimize/Restore all other panes except this one.
 * Collapse/Restore the pane to just its header (like MS Word's panels IIRC)
>  - Mentioned running out of space in the window
> when using the mouse to 
> move.

I have this same problem. Should keep walking or turning when the mouse is at 
the edge of the screen.   Or act like S4 and use click to walk, mouse to turn 

>  - Did not like Emacs-style multi-key chords.  I
> pointed out that the 
> majority of Ctrl- and Alt- prefix key shortcuts
> are already monopolized 
> by the OS, other GUI controls or by convention, so
> there are very few 
> shortcut keys available without getting into
> multi-key chords.

I think we should reserve multi-key chords for more advanced actions.  I don't 
see why we can't use any CTRL key we want, including CTRL-SHIFT keys, and also 
the F-keys.  Let the OS have ALT.  

>  - Agreed the the UI will probably become clearer
> once its purpose is 
> clearer.  Lacking the ability to do any
> interesting browsing or editing 

Any ideas on how we can set up something in the prototype that shows this? 
Maybe set up a special view of "interesting objects" that you can play with, 
like change colors of the trees or something?


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