Hi Peter, some questions/comments from the top of my head:

What does importReplica() imply exactly? Is this just loading a local  
copy, or does it include contactig the remote site and merging updates?

The property lookup example seems a bit verbose for a task that I  
assume will be quite frequent... Wouldn't this be wrapped into some  
MetaObject method getOccurrence() : String?

The interface description seems to slowly approach WSDL Land... Have  
you considered some shorthand syntax to free a developer of all the  
XML clutter? Or do you envision GUI-based development tools for this  
(really the only way to live with WSDL if you have to use it)?

The fact that you need a *site* for an interface description seems  
pretty strange to me, even though I am aware you are re-using the XOD  
stuff for this... but do developers really have to generate a siteID  
key for every interface they design? Rather pointless, isn't it?  
While it may make sense to actually have the OTD vobject structure  
linked on a site that uses it, you usually don't know the target site 
(s) at development time. Maybe modify the XOD parser to consider the  
site/siteID optional, or use a shorthand syntax in the first place :-)

What exactly is the site revision? An interface version in this case?  
What does this mean on a real site, i.e. virtual world? Does it  
change with every child addition/removal, or even every nested  
property value change? If so, what is the datatype, and what to do  
when it wraps?

Regarding naming, there seem to be MyType, MyTypeWrapper,  
MyTypeImpl... what exactly is the difference between the three? The  
old distinction Interface, RemoteType, LocalType does not quite seem  
to fit anymore in the way you use the new code.

Sort of confused,
Karsten Otto (kao)

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