Lalo and I talked about this briefly on IRC.  In think the central idea 
is simply to have a repository (the factory in the document) where you 
can go and say, "I would like to view this object X, with display type 
Y" and get back a list of possible candidate vobject implementations 
that can view or control the "model" vobject.  The "view type" or 
"display type" could be a text terminal, 2D GUI, 3D environment, web 
page, etc.  This is a generalized notion of some of the ideas I was 
exploring in the Interreality 3D prototype, with Lalo's interest in 
specifically applying it to web apps.

Personally I think this makes a lot of sense, and is likely something 
that should be part of the core APIs.

On Mon, Dec 10, 2007 at 10:28:36AM -0500, Reed Hedges wrote:
> Thanks for writing up your thoughts.  How important do you think it is 
> to define specific interfaces for MVC?
> One thing I started doing for S4 was a library called "vos toolbox" 
> that as a set of tools, mostly in the form of listener classes and 
> metaobject classes, that can be used to translate events from one 
> group of vobjects into actions applied to another - i.e. they could be 
> used as building blocks in implementing MVC controllers.  There are a 
> few checked in to the s4 repository (some that do math or reformat 
> property values), and I have more ideas listed at 
> Reed

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