Also spracht Lalo Martins (Mon, 17 Mar 2008 19:33:24 +0000):
> 1: mod_vos.xod (and my other projects) extend a lot of classes from the
> new library.  But since the generator doesn't know about those, it
> reports broken links and generally doesn't know what to do.
> The answer to this may be in my plugin loader; I might try my hand at
> solving it later this week.
> 2: The #define guards use only the file name.  If you have headers with
> the same name in different libraries (eg MVC.hh)... you get my point I
> think.  I manually changed them to eg #define _hypervos_MVC_hh_, might
> make the change in the generator later.
> 3: Much worse happens if you have namespaces with the same name :-) the
> generated code has things like MVC::View all over, which of course
> generate "ambiguous namespace reference" errors galore.
> 4: This is unrelated to the hypervos move, I noticed it earlier.  If my
> class "Foo" extends "vos::core::Bar", then Foo.hh will have #include
> "Bar.hh"
> which of course won't work so well... should be <vos/Bar.hh> :-)
> 5: Just to put in a positive note and because I like the number 5 better
> than 4, I'll say I found great joy in recent s5 work; in particular
> Vobject::clone() saved me hours of toil!

Fixed 2 and 4 today, may tackle 1 or 3 tomorrow.

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