Also spracht Peter Amstutz (Tue, 18 Mar 2008 11:09:24 -0400):
> On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 07:33:24PM +0000, Lalo Martins wrote:
>> Well.  I spun off the web MVC stuff into a new library (hypervos). 
>> That opened a pandora box of generator fun :-)
> Yea, as you've probably figured out by now, writing good C++ is hard,
> but automatically generating good C++ is even harder.


>> 2: The #define guards use only the file name.  If you have headers with
>> the same name in different libraries (eg MVC.hh)... you get my point I
>> think.  I manually changed them to eg #define _hypervos_MVC_hh_, might
>> make the change in the generator later.
> Oops.  Yes, the generator should be smarter than that.  See my comment
> below about directory organization for headers.

Fixed in my branch (assuming we agree _hypervos_MVC_hh_ is good enough).

>> 3: Much worse happens if you have namespaces with the same name :-) the
>> generated code has things like MVC::View all over, which of course
>> generate "ambiguous namespace reference" errors galore.
> This is a bit of a pathalogical case, although hopefully now you see the
> reason for the site_xxx namespace.
> The brute force solution would be to have the generator go ahead and
> qualify everything with the excessively long site_xxx namespace, which I
> was trying to avoid purely for the sake of readability.

Ah no, you're taking it a step further.  I'm referring to VOS Namespace 
objects, not C++ namespaces in general.  See, you already solved this 
problem ;-) since we encourage each library to ship one Library object, 
named the same as the library, and then a number of Namespace objects 
inside it.  Splitting a (VOS) Library in different (C++) libraries and/or 
directories would, yes, be a problem, but we'll cross that bridge when 
there is even water on the river ;-)

What I'm talking about is...
- Site 0011223344556677889900aabbccddee
  - Library vos
    - Namespace MVC
- Site 6879706572766f73203474656877696e
  - Library hypervos
    - Namespace MVC

See?  So that could be handled in C++ (and it's how I solved it by 
manually editing the files, but that means I can't atm run the generator 
on mod_vos or my other project) by qualifying it with vos::MVC:: or 

>> 4: This is unrelated to the hypervos move, I noticed it earlier.  If my
>> class "Foo" extends "vos::core::Bar", then Foo.hh will have #include
>> "Bar.hh"
>> which of course won't work so well... should be <vos/Bar.hh> :-)
> Since I was originally focused on getting the libvos core to work, I
> didn't give too much thought to how the C++ headers should be explictly
> organized into directories.  Again, the brute force solution would be to
> have the headers mimic the namespace up to and including the site, which
> would be horribly verbose but would eliminate most of the ambigious
> cases.

Again, you're forgetting we already have the handy Library object, which 
I'd like to encourage developers to keep unique-ish.  So <vos/Bar.hh> 
would do it (and, bonus of bonuses, already works with our current 
layout!), and it's what I made the generator do, in my branch.

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