Well, I've been reading the docs for Qt4 and experimenting with the 
example programs they provide, and I'm leaning towards it as a toolkit.

Does anyone have any input on choosing a toolkit?

  * Qt4 looks nice, even in Gnome-- much better than Qt3 did
  * It has some nice built in widgets and features that we can use, like 
dockable panes that can be dragged around, etc.
  * It has some good 2d graphics drawing features
  * Trolltech is more actively/quickly working on improving it and 
adding new features and supporting all platforms
  * It has an embedded web browser widget (using WebKit) that's both 
easy to use and complete
  * It has good support for some mobile platforms and they're actively 
working on that
  * QtDesigner is freely available, and is a pretty good design tool, in 
my very brief experience with it.  It could be a nice option for rapidly 
developing new type-specific GUI components.

I still hate qmake.  But maybe we can find or write some code for scons 
that replaces it (runs the MOC code generator, localization tool, etc.)

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