On 04/20/2016 08:28 PM, Bill Kendrick wrote:
> We received a second-hand desktop PC (I know, right!?) that
> we've set up for my older son to use.  We recently moved it
> far, far away from our home office, and I don't want to even
> contemplate wiring up Ethernet across the house for it.
> It's a Small Form Factor (SFF) Dell Optiplex 745, and IIRC has one
> low-profile PCI Express slot available right now.
> (Specs for the thing are here, if you're curious:
> https://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/optix/en/opti_745techspecs.pdf)
> But, it also has a bunch of unused USB ports, too.
> Now, I've heard that USB WiFi on Linux is: "do not want",
> because the drivers are crap, but it also seems like the
> easiest plug-and-play solution, if it'd work.
> So I was wondering if anyone has recommendations for
> Linux-friendly (*Ubuntu) WiFi devices in either of
> these form-factors... (low-profile PCI, or USB)?
> Thanks in advance!

Whatever dongle they commonly ship with Raspberry Pi seems to work well.
Maybe start in a Pi accessory store. I'll try to remember where I put
mine, and plug it in to find out what vendor make it was. I'll I recall
was it was tiny and have wifi n.

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