Just wanted to chime in with agreement as to not having problems vis-a-vis USB 
wifi drivers on Linux.  (Got an immersion education in dealing with drivers, 
though, trying to hack together some Broadcom drivers for the card inside a 
Dell laptop, wow what a mindbender..)  Depends on the chipset & your distro 
obviously, but Linux has come a long way in this regard, that's for sure.
As far as an available dongle, I bought a  Netgear N, "dual-band" usb one at 
the thrift store for a couple bucks--  eager to see what it could do for me, I 
was disappointed when it failed on Linux & then also on Winbloze, at which 
point I decided I must've wasted all my time as the thing is likely just DOA.  
Anyone want it?
Why do I mention this?  maybe the word can go forth from this humble listserv, 
that when you donate junk to the thrift store: PLEASE put a note on it 
regarding any faults it has!  (Will decrease anguish in the world amongst 
indigents & cheapskates.)


Shell programming is a 1950's jukebox - great if it has your song already.  
--Larry Wall

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