UC Davis does not offer anymore the browser-based vpn entry, so need to use
the "Pulse client" they provide:

After installing the package and downoading the certificate, I was able to
connect initially, but some time after I wasn't anymore... Not sure what
changed, if it is just because I changed location/wifi network, or
something else happened...

Are there people in this list who use it could kindly tell about their
experience or problems encountered? Any hint if the the problem is specific
to my machine (old ubuntu 12.04), or to local network settings?

More precisely, my problem is, when running:

/usr/local/pulse/PulseClient.sh -h vpn.library.ucdavis.edu -u <myLogin> -r
Library -f <myPath>/vpn.library.ucdavis.edu.der

I get the errros in the log file:

20160627222040.47941 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] sysdeps.info restoring DNS
settings... (sysdeps.cpp:975)
20160627222040.48120 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] sysdeps.error rename
/etc/jnpr-nc-resolv.conf => /etc/resolv.conf failed wirh error 2
20160627222040.48282 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] sysdeps.error rename
/etc/jnpr-nc-hosts.bak => /etc/hosts failed wirh error 2 (sysdeps.cpp:982)
20160627222050.280026 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] DSInet.info IVE host
vpn.library.ucdavis.edu resolved to, port 443
20160627222050.310438 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] DSInet.error failed to connect
to (vpn.library.ucdavis.edu) error 110 (dsinet.cpp:383)
20160627222050.310641 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] dsclient.error unable to open
URL: (https://vpn.library.ucdavis.edu/) with error -7 (dsclient.cpp:299)
20160627222050.310781 ncsvc[p24923.t24923] ncapp.error Failed to
authenticate with IVE. Error 2 (ncsvc.cpp:253)

This could be this bug:

But what is strange is that it did work at some point...


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