Sounds more like a hardware problem. Open it up and vacuum out the dust, 
especially from the CPU fan. Then run a memory test (probably available at the 
boot screen).


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On Jun 3, 2018, 10:12 AM, at 10:12 AM, Bob Scofield <> wrote:
>Here's an update.  The idea of installing Chrome as a temporary fix
>not work.  Chrome will not even come up when I click on the icon.
>On 06/02/2018 04:55 PM, Bob Scofield wrote:
>> I've got an infected Linux desktop and I don't have the technical
>> expertise to fix it.  I live in Woodland and I'm willing to hire
>> someone to come over here to fix it.  So I'll explain the problem and
>> then explain what I think I can do on my own, but if that won't work
>> would like some professional help.
>> I was on the CNN news website and saw an article with a title
>> something like "Mama Bear Hugs Man Who Saved Cubs."  I wanted to read
>> the article, but checked out another story first.  Then I could no
>> longer find the bear story on the CNN website.  So I Googled and
>> it.
>> When I clicked on the link to the story or video or whatever it is,
>> Firefox crashed.  It crashed permanently.  If I try to start Firefox
>> all I get is the "Mozilla Crash Report."  I've removed Firefox 3
>> times.  I've purged Firefox twice.  I've reinstalled and the problem
>> persists.
>> In the meantime I tried to read the story with Chromium.  Chromium
>> constantly crashes.  It will not stay up for more than about 30
>> What's more, Cinnamon (I'm using Linux Mint) is now crashing every
>> once and awhile and I've never seen Cinnamon crash before.
>> One idea I have is to reinstall Linux Mint.  But /home is on a
>> separate partition.  And I've got a feeling that if I reinstall, then
>> something in /home/.mozilla will prevent Firefox from working. So if
>> do a reinstall, do I first wipe out /.mozilla?
>> I've got ESET Linux antivirus on this computer and it didn't find
>> anything during an in-depth scan.
>> This is a dual boot system.  I use Windows 7 for work.  Given that
>> Windows 7 is expiring next January I was planning on taking some time
>> in November to re-partition this computer to wipe out the Windows
>> partition and use Windows 7 in Virtualbox (keeping Windows more
>> isolated from the Internet).  So I guess I could download Chrome and
>> use it until I do this big computer switch in November. But even then
>> I have to worry about whether .mozilla should be deleted.
>> If one of these fixes don't seem like they'd work, please contact me
>> and I'll hire you to drive over and do the fix.
>> Thanks.
>> Bob
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