To avoid frequent changes in source code and compilations, you can add number 
of pipe profiles in the source code (right now, there is only profile and all 
pipes uses that profile). In run-time, you can assign new pipe profile to the 
any pipe using following CLI;
set dpdk interface hqos pipe <if-name> subport <n> pipe <n> profile <n>
or using binary API
sw_interface_set_dpdk_hqos_pipe rx <intfc> | sw_if_index <id> subport 
<subport-id> pipe <pipe-id> profile <profile-id>

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Hi David,

Currently, there is no cli or binary API for changing the pipe profile.


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Subject: [vpp-dev] HQoS pipe profiles

Am I right in thinking that currently the only way to configure pipe profiles 
is via the source code and recompiling?
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