Hi Steven,

we are also looking at using dpdk based virtualethernet interface, so
looking back at this thread i was wondering what is the problem with
dpdk based solution.

1. you mentioned dpdk based interface can be created via vdev in dpdk
clause of startup file, can you share some example there. only thing i
have seen as an example so far is associating a bond interface with
physical slave interfaces, is it possible to create one for VM ?
2. can you please share a link to the patch submitted for dpdk

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         If you create the VIrtualEthernet interface via the CLI or binary
API, it always uses VPP native. If you create the virtual interface
via vdev in the dpdk clause in the startup file, it uses dpdk’s


         The problem is in DPDK virtio-user that they don’t comply with
virtio1.0 spec. I submitted a patch for them. I don’t think they
took it yet.




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         Just for your reference:

         I am using vpp 17.07. The default one is vpp native. But it cannot
work with virtio-user. So I change to vhost-user in dpdk.



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         Hi All


         I went through following video regarding vhost-user.


         https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-ZRof2hDP0 [1]


         The question is in this video it has been told by default VPP
implementation of vhost-user being used and not the dpdk one. Since
this video is 1 yr old and I am using vpp version 1704. Can
anyone please comment which vhost-user code is by default enabled in
vpp1704 - is it dpdk one or VPP native? I can see in
vpp-master/RELEASE.md that DPDK vhost was deprecated in vpp1609? Is it
fixed now?





[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-ZRof2hDP0

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