Hello All,

I am a graduate student at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, and I am
working with Prof. Minseok Kwon on implementing various probabilistic
filters around the VPP fib lookup logic.

I am having a hard time trying to figure out the code flow so I am sending
this out requesting for some help on the same.

1. There is a point in the VPP code where the vector elements (packets) are
looped over one by one; somewhere down the chain, the fib lookup is done
for each packet. Could you please tell me where that "for" loop (or
something similar) exists, from where each packet in a vector is processed

2. I was trying to figure out how VPP determines the size of a vector while
processing the packets. I found the vec_create() and other such calls in
vppinfra/ but was unable to determine how they are used in actual packet
processing. Could you please tell me where the vector size is determined?

Thanks in advance for the guidance and help!

Krishna Tippur Gururaj
Computer Science graduate student, RIT
(585) 532-3636

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