Thank you Jarome
I'm working with LXC , but should be applied for docker as well
I can connect the container through  a virtio-user port in  VPP, and a tap 
interface in kernel
But we pay for a  vhost kthread  that is copying  data from kernel to user 
space and viceversa.
Another option is to connect with veth pair - but the performance is further 

Another issue is how VPP interface with sandbox?

Best Regards

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> containers
> Hi Avi,
> Can you elaborate a bit on the kind of containers you'd like to run.
> Interfaces exposed to containers may be different if you are looking to run
> regular endpoints vs cVNF.
> Jerome
> Le 13/02/2018 15:04, « au nom de Avi Cohen (A) » <vpp-
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>     Hello
>     Are there 'numbers' for performance - VPP  vs XDP-eBPF for container
> networking.
>     Since the DPDK and linux-containers are not compatible, is a sense that
> container and host share the same kernel - hence pkts received at VPP-DPDK
> at user-space and directed to a linux container  - should be go   down to the
> kernel and then to the container ip-stack, while in XDP-eBPF this pkt can be
> forward to the container ip-stack directly from the kernel.
>     I heard that a vhostuser interface for containers is 'in-working' stage.
>     Can anyone assist with the performance numbers and the status of this
> vhost-user for containers ?
>     Best Regards
>     Avi


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