Thanks for calling attention to this.  I've taken the feedback I've
received thus far and added it to:


It's a rough cut, let's work it together as a community overnight and at
the TSC meeting tomorrow.  Feel free to edit to improve.


On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 8:51 AM Ray Kinsella <ray.kinse...@intel.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> So the LFN TAC is looking to close on the “Community goals and priorities”
> rollup by 9th March.
> This exercise is part of the process of obtaining a fair share of
> resources for FD.io in 2018.
> So if you haven’t already, please canvass your committers and contributors
> for their 2018 project plans.
> What new features do they anticipate developing? Are there plans for
> validation, new platform or hardware support etc ?
> You can either reply to this email directly, or send a note to myself or
> Ed W.
> Much appreciated, thanks,
> Ray K
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> On Behalf Of Ed Warnicke
> Sent: Thursday 1 February 2018 16:43
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> Subject: [csit-dev] fd.io Community Goals and Objectives for reporting to
> the LFN board
> FD.io has recently transitioned from being its own independent foundation,
> to being one of several projects (ONAP, OpNFV, ODL, etc) under the Linux
> Foundation Networking (LFN) umbrella.
> As part of this transition, the LFN board has asked to be educated about
> what Goals and Objectives the community intends to undertake in the next
> year.   Since an Open Source community intrinsically is a harmonious
> collection of folks working on different things, the only way to
> ascertain what its is really planning to do is to *ask* what folks are
> planning to do.
> What are the plans of various folks participating in the community for
> 2018?  What are the themes of the problems you are planning to address, the
> kinds of features you are looking to implement etc?
> Ed

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