For DMM project:

- Commit initial DMM framework
- Commit documentations for APIs, developer guides, etc.
- Plug into CSIT
- Integrate VPP host stack/TLDK
- DMM data-plane EAL on VPP L3
- Performance optimization


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Thanks for calling attention to this.  I've taken the feedback I've received 
thus far and added it to:

It's a rough cut, let's work it together as a community overnight and at the 
TSC meeting tomorrow.  Feel free to edit to improve.


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Hi folks,

So the LFN TAC is looking to close on the "Community goals and priorities" 
rollup by 9th March.
This exercise is part of the process of obtaining a fair share of resources for in 2018.

So if you haven't already, please canvass your committers and contributors for 
their 2018 project plans.
What new features do they anticipate developing? Are there plans for 
validation, new platform or hardware support etc ?
You can either reply to this email directly, or send a note to myself or Ed W.

Much appreciated, thanks,

Ray K

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Subject: [csit-dev]<> Community Goals and Objectives for 
reporting to the LFN board has recently transitioned from being its own independent foundation, to 
being one of several projects (ONAP, OpNFV, ODL, etc) under the Linux 
Foundation Networking (LFN) umbrella.

As part of this transition, the LFN board has asked to be educated about what 
Goals and Objectives the community intends to undertake in the next year.   
Since an Open Source community intrinsically is a harmonious collection of 
folks working on different things, the only way to ascertain what its is really 
planning to do is to *ask* what folks are planning to do.

What are the plans of various folks participating in the community for 2018?  
What are the themes of the problems you are planning to address, the kinds of 
features you are looking to implement etc?


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