Dear Daniel, Ronni, Susan, Peter and Robin
Thanks for your thoughtful input.
Yes - photography is important to me.
I have to stay with Telstra for my bush trips.
The 7S is too big for my pocket.
I can only justify a new phone every 3 or more years.
I’m thinking ATM to wait for the 8 and maybe get a new battery for my current 5.

And I am currently jealously watching my daughter set up her new 7!


Rod Blitvich  - Amy & Sam’s Dad
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> On 15 Sep 2016, at 10:46 AM, Ronda Brown <> wrote:
> Hi Blitto, I agree with everything Daniel, Susan & Peter have mentioned below.
> And hey Daniel... We both did "The Exercise" didn't we ;-))
> And my iPhone 7 Plus 128GB delivery is due tomorrow also!
> So my iPhone 6 Plus 64GB I will be selling :( 
> Cheers,
> Ronni
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> On 15 Sep 2016, at 9:43 AM, Daniel Kerr < 
> <>> wrote:
>> Hi Rod
>> Just to add “my take” on this.
>> Personally lately, I tend to upgrade every second year, as this works for 
>> me. I used to update every year but then didn’t really see the need (or 
>> expense) to do it, so went to a two year cycle. I’m out of contract, so I 
>> buy the phone outright and shuffle around the old ones down the line. So 
>> every two years is fine for me.
>> I’m on the “main upgrade” cycle (e.g. iPhone 5, 6 and now 7) so I skip over 
>> the “s” revisions (e.g. iPhone 5s, 6s). The only time this will change I 
>> think will/may be next year when the 10th anniversary of the iPhone hits us, 
>> so if rumours are correct we may see the “iPhone 8” (or iPhone X if you read 
>> some sites,…lol). But again, this I won’t know until later next year. But 
>> I’ve got that in the back of my mind.
>> For me, I found this iPhone 7 sounded to be a pretty good upgrade. I’m happy 
>> with the removal of the headphone socket, a it gives more battery space 
>> (which I’ll use) and better speakers (which I’ll also use when showing off 
>> some videos or something to clients). The faster processor and better camera 
>> also made it a viable upgrade. Amongst other things. And the extra storage 
>> for the middle model never goes astray. (I had the 64GB and will go to the 
>> 128GB model). So all round when I added up the “pros” to upgrade it 
>> outweighed the cons to upgrade.
>> One other “pro” for your upgrade I would say is the larger screen. From a 5 
>> to a 6 I found this a lot better. So a 5 to a 7 you’d find the same I would 
>> imagine.
>> I think looking at the Pro’s and Cons for changing can help. (plus budget of 
>> course). It’s sometimes also a good way to do an “audit” on your phone plan 
>> if you haven’t changed it for a while. By looking at the plan every couple 
>> of years rather then just staying on one you can sometimes find you’re 
>> either better off to change to a newer plan, or like mine I get "better 
>> value" on out of contract on my BYOM plan (Bring Your Own Mobile).
>> I’ve had a few clients ask me if they should upgrade their iPhone too. The 
>> way I tend to answer this is explain what’s new with the iPhone 7, what 
>> difference they may see to their current iPhone. I also then advise that 
>> next year is the 10th anniversary for the iPhone, and the rumours say that 
>> apparently that may be a “whole new design” to celebrate it. Or,…nothing 
>> could happen. Personally I think next year will be a fairly big change, 
>> hence why I was happy to go with the iPhone 7 now but knowing I’ll also 
>> upgrade next year as well most likely.
>> So if they’re upgrading for “cool features” then it gives them some time to 
>> sit and wait and not get stuck into a contract again. And 9 times out of 10, 
>> their old phone is still ok. Sometimes though, it’s worth the upgrade, but 
>> they also know they may want to upgrade next year when “something cooler” 
>> comes out.
>> So that would be my take on it for you.
>> There are some advantages to going to the iPhone 7 now for you from an 
>> iPhone 5. But if it’s still working well and you’re happy to wait to see 
>> what may or may not happen next year, then wait for the “iPhone 8”. The 
>> downside to this as others have said, you can always be waiting for the next 
>> big thing. :)
>> It also can come down to cashflow and contract as well of course,….hehe.
>> One other thing is that also now with some of the Telstra contracts they do 
>> a “phone upgrade” part of their plan as well. So that be worth looking at 
>> too if you’re on Telstra, and depending on your plan etc. Basically you’re 
>> on a 24 month contract, but after a year you have the ability to send the 
>> phone back, upgrade to the new one and then start the 24month contract again.
>> Unfortunately it’s not a straight forward answer though…hehe. You can “do 
>> the exercise” and weigh up the pros and cons then see what you think from 
>> there I think. And it sometimes depends on wether you listen to your head or 
>> your heart,…hehe. The head sometimes says,…no, I don’t need to upgrade and 
>> the heart says”ooooooh shiny new phone with cool features, lets get it 
>> now!”. :)
>> Hope something there helps. Either way, good luck with your decision :)
>> Kind regards
>> Daniel
>> Sent from my iPhone 6 (to be iPhone 7 tomorrow).
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>>> On 15 Sep 2016, at 9:13 am, Susan Hastings < 
>>> <>> wrote:
>>> Hi Blitto, Adobe has updated their mobile Lightroom app to allow 
>>> photographers to shoot RAW on the iPhone. This is available from the iPhone 
>>> 6s up. If photography is your thing, the iPhone 7+ looks good to me with 
>>> its new dual camera. 
>>> Improved cameras with each new iteration of the iPhone is assured as it's 
>>> something Apple uses to sell its phones. Only you can decide if the 7 is 
>>> good enough to make you happy despite knowing that the next update will 
>>> have an improved camera😀
>>> Having a better camera doesn't automatically mean we take better photos 
>>> either. I just looked at printing some photos from our recent trip and 
>>> decided that I really need to work on my technique as most of them are dull 
>>> and uninteresting, despite being in quite lovely settings and going north 
>>> in one of the best wildflower seasons for years.
>>> And I've also got what could be considered a really good camera. Ouch!
>>> Cheers, Susan.
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>>> On 15 Sep. 2016, at 7:29 am, Peter Hinchliffe < 
>>> <>> wrote:
>>>>> On 14 Sep 2016, at 5:05 PM, Rod Blitvich < 
>>>>> <>> wrote:
>>>>> My iPhone 5 is due for replacement (but still going fine).
>>>>> Would you get the 7 or wait for the 8?
>>>>> I’m thinking the 8 will have some big camera improvements AND new battery 
>>>>> technology may equate to a much longer lasting battery.
>>>>> ta
>>>>> Blitto
>>>>> <image.gif>
>>>> This question seems to get asked every time a new iPhone is announced (or 
>>>> a new anything for that matter).
>>>> Pretty simple really - iPhone 7 exists (as of tomorrow) and the iPhone 8 
>>>> doesn’t. Not too many options there. All you really need to worry about is 
>>>> whether the iPhone 7 offers more for your needs than your 5. If you keep 
>>>> waiting for the next one before making a decision you’ll never get a new 
>>>> iPhone, so you might as well stick with the 5 anyway.
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