G’day Blitto, many years ago I replaced the internal drive in my TC from 1TB to 
3TB. It was a cheap, quick and easy process. Cost me around $180 for the drive 
from memory, rest was with tools I have. If the drive is the problem, this 
would be a good fix for you. I also have a 4 port hub attached to the one USB 
TC port with three HDD’s attached (a 1TB and two 2TB). The 1TB is to use as a 
convenient file share around the house between the 5 of us (so not a backup) 
and the other two are dedicated TC backups for James and I separately for our 
MBP's. The 3TB internal drive is for the backup for the other 3 Crisp’s in the 
house but that drive is within 500GB of full. The Time Machine software is 
supposed to make space when it gets full but I’ve never reached that point nor 
can comment on how effectively it works. There are also instructions for 
migrating a TC backup to another location but again I think it is complex and 
VERY time consuming - Google that to see how you go.

Whenever I do a backup from scratch, I always make sure I am connected via 
ethernet for the FIRST backup - security of connection and speed of course. Did 
you connect with Ethernet with your backup that failed?

The TC itself has been bullet proof reliable since 2009 when I got it so I am 
curious to know what I’ll do when the main unit snuffs out. I’ve read that 
Apple has disbanded the department that was working the TC so I really don’t 
know where I’d go to if it failed. 

Another approach is to buy another external drive and make a Carbon Copy Clone 
of your Mac as a precaution back up, then blow away the old TC backup and start 
again. This will free up space but will obviously trash the incremental backups 
of the past. 

I hope part of this helps you towards a decision.



> On 12 Aug 2017, at 4:31 pm, Rod Blitvich <rb...@iinet.net.au> wrote:
> Hi WAMUGers
> Haven’t been able to complete a  wirelessTime Machine backup for a while.
> OS 10.12.6
> Have a feeling the Time Capsule goes on the blink now and then.
> Complicated by the TC disk getting pretty full and the attached external Hard 
> drive giving up the ghost.
> Bought a new external hard drive and plugged it into the TimeCapsule and 
> started backing up last night.
> After a few hours Time Machine  just failed/quit - no error message.
> Tried again today - failed again after a few hours (60GB done out of 500)
> So please:
> 1) Do I get rid of the Timecapsule?
> 2) Can my wireless internet and attached Time Machine external backup drive 
> work from my iiNet modem/router
> 3) other suggestions?
> many thanks
> Blitto
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Peter Crisp

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