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> Hi Tim
> On a new Apple Silicon machine you’ll have a bit of a nightmare getting 
> VMWare to work - as we tried to do one for another client and it was a 
> nightmare. You definitely can’t use the same “VM File” you have - you have to 
> start from scratch. (And it will only work with a insider developer’s copy of 
> Windows 11 for ARM - you can’t actually buy Windows for it).
> I did set up Parallels with Windows 11 ARM for a couple of clients on a new 
> Apple Silicon iMac and got it work. But we had to set it from scratch. And 
> some things are a little different then normal - so programs apparently don’t 
> work as well in Windows ARM as they do for other. So that’s just something to 
> be aware of as well.
> Have you tried an SMC reset as well if it’s not starting up. As generally 
> even if the battery has failed it still should run on power adapter. (Unless 
> the battery has swollen and is causing other issues as well).
> Battery prices can vary - depends on if it’s a Early 2013 13” or a Late 2013 
> 13” (Retina). As the batteries for the Retina can be a nightmare to do. (I 
> don’t even do the Retina’s myself for some models - as it’s just too fiddly 
> and risky the way they are “glued in”.
> So just something to be wary of.
> Other option would be something second hand - as that’s what I’ve got for 
> some other clients - which was a bit cheaper than new and still Intel so 
> still worked with all their current software - but a bit more up to date.
> Hope that helps.
> Kind regards
> Daniel
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I have a client running MYOB under Windows 11 on an M1 iMac - because Account 
Edge is STILL just 32bit software, and therefore simply can’t run on the new 

I got her going with Parallels Desktop, but is necessary to install the 
developer edition of Windows 11 in order to work on the M1 chip, so I expect it 
would be the same for the M2. Been working well for over 12 months though...

Kind regards,

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