Hi Rosemary, sorry I don't have any advice on this problem but I am
   curious as to why you're not using Time Machine or is the WD back
   additional to it? My dear Dad used to have a TM backup as well as TWO
   additional CCC backups running on alternate days!

   I hope you get it sorted, always these problems arise only after you've
   made the change to a new machine or an OSX update.
   Kind Regards
   Peter Crisp

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     [WAMUG] New computer security
     Hi all,
     I have a new computer Macbook Air 2022, Ventura 13. One of my
     (Western Digital) interfaces so I can back up my mac.
     When I set up my new computer first I had to download Rosetta to run
     it at
     Then to sign in to the web app, it demanded I change extensions. It
     used to
     be you could change this in Security settings.
     Now evidently you have to boot into Recovery and edit the Security
     Utility explained here https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT208198 ...
     But this Utility DOES NOT EXIST.
     The instructions say
     1. When you see the macOS utilities window, choose Utilities >
     Security Utility from the menu bar.
     The only Utility is Disc Utility...that's it!
     Can anyone offer a solution?
     Rosemary Spark
     PO Box 781
     South Fremantle WA 6162 Australia
     Phone: + 61 ‭8 6397 6822‬
     Mobile: 0414268043
     Email: arkaysp...@gmail.com
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