> On 7 Feb 2023, at 9:24 pm, Tim Law via WAMUG <wa...@lists.wamug.org.au> wrote:
> Thanks for welcoming me onto the Zoom WAMUG meeting tonight. Nice to put 
> faces to names. 
> I’ve run Apple products since….. oh way back well before the turn of the 
> century. Probably around 1987 and been a WAMUG participant for a long time, 
> but never attended a WAMUG zoom meeting before. 
> - Did I learn some things tonight. Yes. 
> - Was it a worthwhile hour of my life? Yes. 
> - Will I dial in again?  Yes.
> - Was it all far too technical? Far from it. Friendly helpful and interesting 
> hearing how other people have the same simple challenges as I do. 
> Cheers to the hosts and the participants. 

Thanks so much for the positive feedback Tim. It was also great to be able ot 
put a face to such a familiar name from The List. Looking forward to seeing you 
again next time.

Tell your friends...

Kind regards,

Peter Hinchliffe        Apwin Computer Services
FileMaker Pro Solutions Developer
Perth, Western Australia
Phone (618) 9332 6482    Mob 0403 046 948
Mac because I prefer it -- Windows because I have to.

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