Hi Folks

   An email from Telstra has me wondering if I need to get a new Apple

    I have a Series 4 (2018):

   Many smart watches and wearables can operate in “standalone” mode. This
   means you can make and receive calls or use data without having to
   carry a smartphone.

   While most smart watches and wearables are 4G compatible, some do not
   support our main 4G frequency band, 700 MHz (also known as B28). Once
   we turn off 3G from 30 June 2024, these devices will only work on a
   limited set of 4G frequencies and as a result, may experience a
   reduction in Telstra mobile network coverage.

   You’ll still be able to use data or make voice calls using the cellular
   feature on your device, but the service may work intermittently on our
   mobile network. When your smart watch or wearable is connected to your
   mobile handset via Bluetooth, your experience will be based on your
   handset’s network capability.

   Impacted devices include:

     * Apple Watch Series 3
     * Apple Watch Series 4
     * Apple Watch Series 5
     * Galaxy Watch
     * Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

   Rod Blitvich  - Amy & Sam’s Dad
   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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