Search for Indonesian woman with a sick child goes in vain

Published: Jul 4, 2010 00:47 Updated: Jul 4, 2010 00:47 

JEDDAH: The National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) searched in vain on 
Saturday for an Indonesian woman with a young daughter who needed urgent 
medical treatment.

The society said its members searched under the Al-Sitteen bridge and other 
places where illegal Indonesians gather in hopes of being deported but they 
could not find the woman with a child in need of medical attention.

Makkah province NSHR General Manager Hussain Al-Sharif said he received a 
report from a Saudi philanthropist who said she came across the Indonesian 
woman with her very sick daughter and took them to a private dispensary in 
Jeddah for treatment at her own expenses but the clinic refused to accept them 
because the daughter needed urgent surgery.

The woman told the NSHR that she took the Indonesian woman and her daughter to 
the Jeddah Passport Department which in turn refused to accept them because 
some formalities had to be done by the Indonesian Consulate in Jeddah.

The Saudi woman philanthropist said the Indonesia woman went to Indonesian 
Embassy in Jeddah, which also refused to intervene.

The NSHR, which did not identify either of the women or the hospital that 
allegedly turned away an emergency case, said it sent one of its members with a 
volunteering medical doctor to check the medical condition of the child but 
were unable to find the woman or her child.

The NSHR appealed to citizens and expatriates, especially members of the 
Indonesian community, to look for the woman and her daughter.

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