>  Sin is sin, no one sin is greater
> than another .

Let's play a logic game here.

No sin is greater than another.
Lying is a sin. (Thou shalt not lie)
Savage, bloody murder is a sin. (Thou shalt not kill)

Conclusion:  Telling your mother you loved her casserole when you could
barely stuff it down is equivalent to digging someone's heart out with a

I cannot rightly assume that you're free of sin--I assume you've told a
"little white lie" before.  If you've told a few little white lies, you're
just as morally reprehensible as a serial killer.

I think I'll write my Congressman and tell him to fire all the serial
killers inside the Beltway.  That should clear up our bureaucracy quite a


P.S.  I've researched the rules and it's quite allowable for a government
employee to use a government system to participate in a War and Politics
email list.  We call it professional development, and if you argue that
thoroughly debating the moral and practical consequences of political and
military actions taken by the US government is not professional development,
I'd like you to reconsider who you'd like working for the government.

P.P.S.  My opinions are my own and don't reflect nutin' on nobody but me.

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